We ensure your IT Operations run smoothly and your technology is secure.

QuickSupport operates behind the scenes to allow you to focus on your business operations without any interruptions. We possess a thorough understanding of technology and our responsibility is to ensure that every aspect of your company runs seamlessly and without any difficulties.


For over 20 years, our team has been delivering comprehensive IT services to numerous companies.

We have grown and evolved in parallel with our customers, expanding our portfolio and global presence to meet the changing demands of our partners. From the very beginning, we have continuously expanded the range of our services and opened offices in various locations worldwide.


Anentire team
will help you and your company.

Our company comprises various departments, each consisting of experts in different fields of IT. We have a team of help desk specialists who are available to assist you at all times, and a group of subject matter specialists supporting them, ensuring that the most efficient and effective solutions are provided to you.

For more complex work, we provide a dedicated project manager for your company and flexible access to expert colleagues from our team throughout the planning and implementation stages.

Our aim is to offer all our customers high quality IT solutions and to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Why entrust your IT Operations to us?


Global coverage

With offices located in six countries across three continents, we offer support in four languages (English, German, Hungarian, Croatian). Additionally, as you expand your business internationally beyond the Irish market, you can rely on us for assistance.

20+ years experience

You can trust in our expertise to deliver quality IT services. Over the course of our 20+ years of operation, we have adapted to technological changes and gained extensive professional experience.


We believe in keeping things simple and maintaining transparency in our work. Our objective is to provide you with a clear overview of IT and to simplify the process of finding solutions to your problems.

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We have grown together with our customers.

QuickSupport is part of the ERT Group, which operates global IT companies in two business areas: IT Operations and ERP systems.IT Operations represent the oldest business branch of our company group, providing comprehensive IT solutions to businesses since 2004.Our main service areas include desktop support, server and network maintanence, software, and hardware troubleshooting.We offer fast and efficient solutions to everyday IT questions and support our customers both remotely and on-site across three continents, six countries, and in four languages.Where we are present:


Our company started with the merger of two IT companies in Budapest, Hungary.


First office abroad

Thanks to the dynamic development of our company, we entered the international market with the opening of our Croatian office.


European expansion

Due to our further growth, we have opened an office in Ireland to serve our Irish and English clients.



In order to reach our customers operating in the Central European market more quickly, we also opened an office in Germany.


Global market

We opened our offices in Dubai and the US as the first step of our expansion. beyond the borders of Europe.

We areglobal.

We help international companies around the world and provide global coverage with local offices and representatives.
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QuickSupport is a subsidiary of ERT Group and offers comprehensive IT Operations outsourcing services to companies.
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